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3PL: Your Logistics Navigator

Times are a-changing. Gone are the days of excessive paperwork, tedious data entry, and an abundance of opportunity for human error. The rise of technology and ecommerce, as well as the challenges shippers face in the current environment, has led shippers to recognize they don’t necessarily have the knowledge or resources to optimize their supply chain.

There is no shortage of shortages for shippers and logistics service providers. Warehousing is stretched, trucks and drivers are harder to come by, the Chinese tariffs are tightening capacity and ecommerce is creating greater demand than ever. As the challenges mount, the need for well-connected partners increases.

Shippers recognize there are gains when working with third-party logistics (3PL) providers. To keep up with their client’s needs, 3PLs now offer expanded services beyond transportation and warehousing. Technology like warehouse management systems (WMS) are increasing accuracy and offering visibility into inventory like never before.

Managed service providers have found creative processes and tools to meet their client’s needs and achieve their goals. Offering services like LTL shipments, intermodal transportation, cross-docking, transloading, inventory tracking with a WMS, and fulfillment means they are a one-stop shop for logistics solutions.

By offering supply chain optimization and better use of data, more and more shippers have turned to 3PLs to solve their logistics challenges.

The future is bright as new technology and creative transportation solutions emerge as answers to logistics’ toughest challenges. A third-party logistics (3PL) provider navigates you through the challenges and opportunities you currently face in your business – allowing you to reach new markets, gain visibility to your inventory and fully optimize your supply chain.

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The global third-party (3PL) logistics market is estimated to have a compounded annual growth rate of about 9 percent through 2028. (Freight Waves)