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Setting the Standard at One Day Delivery

Recently Amazon announced they will move Prime’s standard 2-day shipping to 1-day shipping. The company has some infrastructure to work on before rolling out the faster ship times to the world, but the announcement raises the bar for retailers and logistics professionals alike.

The surge of online orders and the resulting “Amazon-effect” are driving the demand for faster and faster delivery. Last mile delivery is especially challenging. After arriving at a high-capacity freight station or port, goods must then be transported to their final destination – often a home. Individual package delivery is less efficient, and therefore more costly. Alternative delivery methods like pick-up lockers and drones are becoming more common place to fill the gap.

All retailers and shippers will need to take action to keep up with the standards being set from Amazon and the other retail giants chasing them. A well optimized omni-channel supply chain will keep retailers relevant and competitive.

One option for optimizing your supply chain and delivering better service to your customers is partnering with a 3PL. A third-party logistics service has operational expertise that will offer a broad view of your supply chain and help you resource the necessary partners to accomplish your shipping goals.

Use of distribution centers and services like cross-docking allow access to processes and tools not readily available when managing your own supply chain. Further, partnering with the best transportation partners through smart vendor management is a strategy being utilized by the likes of Target and Petco.

3PLs offer value-add services that help you deliver on-demand to your customers. We look forward to delivering that superior customer experience to yours. Contact us today to explore how we can help.